BUFFALO, N.Y. - Hillary Clinton spent part of Friday afternoon at The Jacobs Institute on the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus this afternoon for a roundtable discussion called "Growing Jobs and Raising Incomes."

Clinton spoke highly of the lifesaving work being done on the medical campus and recalled the early days of the campus when she was a US Senator, "“We dreamed a lot of dreams together on what we could do how we could build on all these foundational strengths.”

The former Secretary of State didn't mention the number, but her campaign did remind reporters Clinton helped bring $10-million in federal funds to help the medical campus grow.

Now employing some 12-thousand people, including 500-physicians, Clinton says more federal spending may be necessary to keep the economic momentum moving forward.

"“You’ve got to build housing to bring people back into the city especially to attract young people, especially to attract talented entrepreneurs, scientists, clinicians and the like,” said Clinton.

Clinton says the US needs a much bigger focus on medical research with a public-private partnership, saying funding has slipped in recent years- something other panelists agreed with.

She also said that the US has fallen behind in small business creation, especially among women and minorities who she says have a hard time getting the credit and capital they need.

And she stressed the need for a focus on the STEM curriculum in schools, particularly making it more exciting for students, to get more children interested in science-related careers down the line.