BUFFALO, NY-- Buffalo Police have a plan in place to handle traffic and security during Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit to the Queen City Monday.

TICKET INFORMATION: Trump rally in Buffalo

A perimeter of streets will close around the First Niagara Center as early as noon on Monday. Washington, Perry, Illinois, Scott and Main streets will all be affected. People who work, or do business in the area, should plan accordingly, officials say.

Here are a list of street closures:

  • South Park Ave. to Illinois Street, all the way up to Main Street
  • Main Street up to Scott Street
  • Washington Street will be closed from Scott St. down to Perry
  • Illinois Street will be closed from Perry to South Park.
  • Perry Street will be closed from Main Street to Mississippi.
Street closures for Trump rally
Street closures for Trump rally

Buffalo police say they've been notified that at least three parking locations will be closed: the First Niagara Center parking ramp, the HSBC Atrium parking lot, and the Buffalo News parking lot.

Preparations for crowd control were well underway Sunday afternoon
Preparations for crowd control were well underway Sunday afternoon

Buffalo Police say the HarborCenter parking deck will be open. They're encouraging folks planning to attend the rally to use public transportation. The Metro rail will be operating on a normal schedule. If you are driving, it's recommended that you leave early and car pool, if possible.

Police say they are prepared for the masses. "We've worked with FEMA over the last year to develop new protest tactics and as far as being able to handle mass demonstrations and stuff," says Buffalo Police Lieutenant Jeff Rinaldo.

Lieutenant Rinaldo says protestors will be given designated spots as they organize, but there will be zero tolerance for violence. "We respect everyone's right to free speech and the right to protest, but we will not tolerate any type of criminal activity on behalf of anybody," says Rinaldo.

Buffalo Police's role in the this event is mainly securing the inside and outside areas of the rally as well as protecting people. The Secret Service however, is tasked with protecting Trump. "The second step for Secret Service is to do all the screening of everybody that enters the arena. That includes everything from bomb sweeps to the actual screening of all the attendees," says Rinaldo.

Because of Secret Service screening, police say attendees should come around 4 p.m. even though the rally does not start until 7 p.m. It is a first come, first-serve basis.

Items that will NOT be permitted inside the First Niagara Center:

  • Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Purses
  • Packages of any type
  • Signs, banners or poles
  • Weapons
  • Food or drink from outside Concessions will be open.

Police warn though that plans can of course change at any time. If you plan on attending the rally, the First Niagara Center will have concessions stands open, but alcohol will NOT be served.