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Mayor of Buffalo race: Brown and Walton both campaigning until the end

The race for mayor of Buffalo has drawn national attention. One day before election day, they are knocking on doors, calling voters, and getting endorsements

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The candidates for mayor of Buffalo are giving it their all. 

"We're going to be all over the city visiting businesses," said Mayor Brown. "My wife, Michelle Brown has taped a robocall."

India Walton, the democratic nominee, spent part of her morning on the Jim Anderson Show on WUFO radio. Later she attended a canvass launch at Eugene V. Debs Hall on Peckham Street.

Mayor Brown picked up endorsements from two former Buffalo Common Councilmembers Clifford Bell and Charley Fisher. They were joined inside Je Ne Sais Quoi Restaurant on Hertel Avenue by New York State Senator Kevin Parker.

Walton will spend the evening before election day "talking to voters encouraging and reassuring our volunteers and our campaign staff, spending some time with my family and really just being grounded and centered and prepared for tomorrow."'

The young vote will be watched closely in this race. Walton said she doesn't feel that generational divide because of support from the young and old. "It is between people who have the liberty to come out early and folks who may be a little bit reserved and hedging their bets, wondering what the results are going to be."

Mayor Brown didn't shy away from the issue. 

"What I've been saying to the young generation is that the work that I've done and the work we've done," referring to those who endorsed him, "paved the way for them, created opportunities for them. If young people want a bright future in this community mayor Byron Brown is the candidate of the future, is the candidate of ideas, is the candidate of opportunity for our young people and all people."


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