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Temperatures rising in the race for Buffalo mayor

The temperature is rising in the race for Buffalo mayor with Mayor Byron Brown's attack ad and India Walton on the defense.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — We are just two weeks out from Election Day and we take a look at the race for Mayor of the City of Buffalo. 

The temperature is rising in the race for mayor with Mayor Byron Brown's attack ad against India Walton. 

And, India Walton is on the defense, now releasing her own television ad.

Mayor Brown says part of what he'll be doing over the next two weeks is educating voters. 

"We're going to continue to work hard door-to-door phone calls, events, showing people how to write down Byron Brown," Brown said.

On Tuesday, India Walton highlighted her public safety agenda with a mentoring group from downstate, but did not take questions, her campaign spokesperson said the event was not a campaign event.

On Monday, Walton didn't take questions on the campaign. 

She only spent several minutes defending herself against Mayor Brown's attack ad. 


"The only reason I am addressing this ad at all is so that we can put these rumors and unfounded allegations behind us and I can focus on my plans to build a safe, healthy Buffalo," Walton said.

She also wants to set the record straight on the claim she plans to fire 100 Buffalo police officers. 

"Let me be clear the accusation that I will fire 100 police officers is a lie plain and simple, I will not be imposing any layoffs in the department at all," she said.

Apart from the mud-slinging, both campaigns are working their ground game to get voters to the polls. 

And, both candidates have received new endorsements -- Walton has been endorsed by the state Nurses Association. Mayor Brown has received support from the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. 

Early Voting starts on Saturday and runs until next Sunday on Halloween.


As for how much cash is on hand for both campaigns going forward?

Well, we can only go off of the disclosure reports that have been filed 32 days before the General Election. To start the month of October, Mayor Brown had nearly half a million on hand -- India Walton had $360,000.

Governor Kathy Hochul also addressed the mayor's race on Tuesday. 

"What I'm doing and spending my time on COVID, dealing with the issues I have to deal with, but I'm supporting local parties, I'll be making a lot of efforts in the next few weekends to support our local races, with respect to Buffalo, we have a unique situation there and I'm going to be looking forward to truly working hard, rolling my sleeves up with whoever emerges as the victor," Hochul said, "I will work with whoever the voters select it is up to the voters."

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