The latest on a controversial movie scene shot in Buffalo include photos taken on-set. In one, Buffalo police officer Liz Baker is smiling. Next to her is Robert Sagliani, the man filmed using in the short film "Blink of an Eye".

The photo is taken where the scene was shot, at a restaurant inside the Main Place Mall. A source with knowledge of the internal investigation now being conducted by the Buffalo Police Department says Baker left the location before filming started.

Sagliani family attorney Mark Sacha says he still has questions about whether Baker left before the drug-use was recorded.

In addition, Sacha says the drugs Sagliani used were financed by the the film's writer/director Greg Robbins.

“My client was given money to buy drugs. He was given $220 to buy heroin and they filmed it,” says Sacha.

No footage of a real drug buy is in the film, but Sacha says a film-crew documented at least part of the trip to buy heroin.

On Wednesday, Robbin's attorney Aaron Glazer passed along this statement to 2 On-Your-Side:

"The filmmakers and crew were aware that the subject of the documentary was a heroin addict and that he may possess heroin at any time. However, at no point were the filmmakers and crew under the impression that the subject of documentary would be using drugs in their presence. The subject was instructed specifically not to use drugs in their presence."

In a follow-up email to Glazer we did ask about the allegation that Robbins financed a drug buy. 2 On-Your-Side has yet to receive a response.