NEW YORK — New York State lawmakers remain skeptical about the latest settlement the state proposed with Charter Communications Inc.

In a statement released Friday, The CEO of the Department of Public Service Commission, John B. Rhodes, announced that the company would have until September of 2021 to expand service to 145,000 homes and business upstate. 

Charter Communications Inc. would have to report to the Public Services Commission every four months and show that they had expanded services to a designated number of homes in Upstate New York.

If Charter Communications fails to meet the requirements, then the company would have to pay a $2,800 fine for every customer that was not served. 

Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (R-145th) says the settlement is too little too late for the countless people in his district who call his office about poor Internet service.

"My office fields more calls on Spectrum than any other issue of my constituencies," he told 2 On Your Side. 

Morinello says most of the calls he receives have to do with poor Internet connection and high prices for that service. Morinello doesn't believe that Charter Communications will hold up its end of the deal and that people in Western New York will be left with bad Internet or none at all.   

"The history of Charter and Spectrum and their constant non-compliance with agreements, I think the settlement is more puffery than reality."

Assemblymen Michael Norris (R-144) made the following statement about the settlement:

As the representative for much of rural Niagara, Erie and Orleans Counties, Internet access is a modern necessity that should be available to all New York State residents.  I have seen first-hand, the difficulties of operating a business, completing school work at home, and simply keeping abreast of news and important information without internet access.  In 2019, that is frankly unacceptable.

It is my expectation that Charter will give the residents of the 144th Assembly District every consideration when determining the location and scope of the next phase of service build out. 

While I am hopeful that the agreement between the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) and Charter Communications will provide much-needed service to residents in rural communities, I fully intend to hold the PSC accountable for the enforcement of this agreement, and will be monitoring the progress closely to ensure that residents in my district are offered Internet access. 

The full settlement between The State of New York and Charter Communications can be found here.


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