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New Channel Lineup on WGRZ

New channel lineup debuts for WGRZ-TV
Storm Team 2 and Weather Nation

The new lineup over the air is: 2.1 WGRZ-HD, 2.2 Storm Team 2 Weather Nation and 2.3 Antenna TV.

Viewers may be used to seeing Antenna TV on WGRZ 2.2, but it has moved to WGRZ 2.3.

Here's how you can see all 3 channels.

For over the air viewers with an antenna and HDTV or digital converter box… a rescan of channels is the easiest method to add 2.3 to your channel line-up.

Over the air viewers can also do a manual tune to 2.3 / 2_3 depending upon the remote control configuration will also tune to the channel but it then must be added in the channel menu to keep it in the memory of the TV / Converter Box.

For Time Warner viewers with a cable box the new lineup will be as follows:

Channel 1203 will be WGRZ 2.1, our main channel.

Channel 1245 will be WGRZ 2.2, Storm Team 2 Weather Nation

Channel 1246 will be WGRZ 2.3, Antenna TV

For Time Warner viewers with a digital TV but without a cable box a rescan of channels will end up with the following: 2 will be a downcoverted (Standard Definition) version of our 2.1. Next in the lineup will be 2.1, a HD 2.1 signal. 2.2 will follow with Storm Team 2 Weather Nation and 2.3 will be Antenna TV.

On FIOS Antenna TV will remain on 460. Storm Team 2 Weather Nation can be seen on channel 479.

If you have any questions you can email us at newchannels@wgrz.com