The U.S. Senate confirmed Jane Corwin as the next U.S. chairwoman for the International Joint Commission on Thursday.

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer announced that the former New York State Assemblywoman was named along with Robert Sisson and Lance Yohe as the new members of the International Joint Commission.

"I now urge Canada to now do its part to nominate and pass the Canadian IJC members so the Commission can meet a quorum," said Senator Schumer in a statement.

Congressman Chris Collins released the following statement about Corwin's confirmation:

"President Trump could not have made a better choice than Jane L. Corwin to be the next U.S. Chair of the IJC. Thanks to his leadership, we now have a voice for Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shoreline residents. Jane’s experience as an Assemblywoman for the Ontario Lakeshore properties and her understanding of the issues with Plan 2014 will make her an exceptional leader of the Commission. I know Jane, as well as Commissioners Robert Sission and Lance Yohe, will protect the homeowners and small businesses along our shorelines."

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