While the country celebrates our national parks during "National Park Week," some supporters are also sounding the alarm.

There's a backlog of maintenance work, and it adds up to $12 billion.

Some of the repairs are apparent, like neglected roads, trails, or campgrounds. Others problems aren't easily noticeable, like broken water lines or sewage issues.

There are $840 million dollars in repairs needed at Washington, D.C.'s National Mall alone.

In Western New York, records show the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site has about $1.3 million worth of deferred maintenance.

There are serious questions about when the backlog of work across the country will be addressed.

President Trump donated his first quarter salary - about $80,000 - to the National Park Service, but his budget blueprint proposes major cuts.

The NPS is part of the Interior Department which could have its budget slashed by $1.5 billion - a 12% cut.

Park advocates are taking their message to Congress to ask for more funding.