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This dog's pads burned off while on walk in summer heat

A Washington state veterinary hospital says the dog's injuries were so severe that it exposed raw muscle.

The most common warning you hear about pets in the summer is to not lock them in a car on a hot day. Another thing to watch for is whether the pavement they are walking on is too hot for their paws.

A dog in Medical Lake, Wash., is recovering after his animal pads were burned off. The Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital posted on Facebook that Olaf the dog was brought to them after his owner noticed his pads were bloody while on a walk. 

Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager, Jeannette Dutton, told KEPR that Olaf's injuries were so severe that it exposed raw muscle.

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Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital says they see a few cases like this every year. The hospital says that if the pavement is too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your dog's pads.

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