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Instagram to limit who can see posts on weight loss products, cosmetic procedures

The Instagram change will place an age restriction on certain posts, and remove some other posts entirely.

WASHINGTON — Instagram says they will start to limit posts promoting weight loss industry products like diet teas and appetite suppressants. 

The social media giant says they will also limit posts promoting certain cosmetic procedures as well. Celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and others are often seen promoting shakes, teas and even lollipops that are said to have certain hard to believe weight loss results. 

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said they will remove posts that seem to promote certain miraculous results. 

After facing backlash online, Kim Kardashian has since deleted a post about the appetite suppressing lollipop. 

Credit: instagram/kimkardashian

Actress Jameela Jamil has made it her mission to take on the diet industry by directly confronting celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who she says are acting irresponsibly with their huge public platform. Jamil is the founder of i Weigh, which is a community that advocates for and promotes body positivity and a healthy lifestyle over weight loss gimmicks, which can be dangerous. 

Jamil explained in an Instagram post that those under 18 will be restricted from viewing some posts related to weight loss and cosmetic procedures. The "Good Place" actress revealed she has been working with Instagram all year toward this goal. 

"This is a mass effort. This is an extraordinary win that is going to make a big difference. Influencers have to be more responsible," Jamil wrote. 

The changes will affect Facebook as well