As Hurricane Michael gains strength and heads toward Florida, some are seeing an eerie sight popping up in satellite images from the center of the storm...a skull.

The National Hurricane Center said Michael could make landfall Wednesday afternoon in the Florida Panhandle as a category 3 storm.

Now if you're looking at the "skull" and think it looks familiar, that's because this is now the third year in a row where there's been some sort of skull-like face popping up in satellite images from a hurricane hitting the U.S.

Accuweather captured this image of Hurricane Michael that looks like a skull.

Weather Channel meteorologist Stu Ostro shared images last year comparing the creepy face sightings from Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Florida governor Rick Scott warned Tuesday morning that Hurricane Michael is forecast to be the "most destructive storm to hit the Florida panhandle in decades."