BUFFALO, NY-- More than 800 beer executives from across North America are in Buffalo this week.

No, it's not for a keg party, but for Labatt's annual sales meeting.

Organizers say their event will bring a million dollar economic boost to the city. This is the first year the meeting has been in Buffalo since 2008.

"We are overwhelmed by the positive response from our employees and wholesalers, who are eager to see our first U.S. brewery for Labatt, and experience all that Buffalo has to offer,” said North American Breweries Chief Sales Officer Josh Halpern in a press release. “We have a great opportunity to showcase our incredible city, and we’re looking forward to four days of sharing our vision for the future of our business and investment in our hometown.”

The beer executives will participate in several events, including a tour of the new Labatt Brew House and visit local landmarks.