BUFFALO, NY — If you miss someone who used to live in Buffalo, and would like to see them return, there’s a new way to tell them that.

Invest Buffalo Niagara (IBN) is running a series of “Buffalo Misses You” holiday postcards free to the public from now through the new year. They help promote the region to expats and promote regional pride.

“Those who have moved away from Buffalo may not be aware of the way the region is changing and some of the new opportunities that are here,” said Thomas Kucharski, Invest Buffalo Niagara’s President and CEO.

Those interested can go online and electronically send one of the postcard images via e-mail, or request IBN to send a traditional paper postcard to the person of their choice.

Recipients will also be provided with a link to the agency's relocation guide, which is quite by design according to Kucharski, whose agency's core mission is to attract jobs and investment to Western New York.

“We’d like to get them to pause for a minute and think that maybe it's something to explore, and time to come back home and work here," said Kucharski.

IBN itself has already sent close to 1,000 of the cards, according to Kucharski, with many of them directed to graduates of local colleges and universities who have since moved away.

“It’s to let them know of all the new opportunities here and to let them know we miss them. I have actually sent them to extended family members and high school and college friends," said Kucharski, a Buffalo area native who lived in several other parts of the country before deciding to return.

"It may not take effect this year, but you could put the idea into somebody's mind to come back here someday… if we can get those people back it’ll help our mission of bringing more jobs and investment. And it’s a great way to try and get the community to continue to believe in itself and to be proud of itself,” Kucharski said.