HAMBURG, NY - "This is really dangerous it's really scary," said Joanne Rozwood, regarding her bad brush with her Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is now subject of a massive recall after serious safety concerns about the smart phone surfaced shortly after it was put on the market.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd.

When they went on sale three weeks later, Rozwood couldn't wait to get one.

"I got it on the first day that it was available," Rozwood told WGRZ-TV.

However, only five days after they went on sale, the first reports of “exploding phones” surfaced.
Within days, Samsung stopped shipping them

Then on September 2nd, one month after it was introduced, Samsung recalled 2.5 million of the devices, citing faulty batteries.

"I then got the replacement (version) after the recall, so I thought everything was all set," Rozwood said.

Not long after, though, the replacement devices also started catching fire...including Rozwood’s, when she went to charge it in her car.

"Thank God we were in a parking lot and we were stopped because a couple minutes later there was this ‘pop’ and smoke started coming out from where the charger was,” Rozwood recalled.

“I grabbed the charger, and it was so hot that I burned my fingertips. I opened the car door and threw it on the ground," she said.

The experience also left Rozwood to wonder what might have happened, had she left the device in the car unattended.

“If we had gone shopping or something and we weren’t in the car, then the car would have caught fire,” she said.

While not confirming reports that it has suspended production, Samsung did confirm on Monday that it is "adjusting the production schedule" of the Galaxy Note 7.

Rozwood says as much as she once looked forward to having one, her enthusiasm for the device has disconnected.

"I'm going back to my old phone and I'm going to see what they'll do to replace it or return it or whatever. And I really love the phone. I wanted it really bad, but it’s not worth it. It’s not worth taking the chance,’ she said.