BUFFALO, N.Y. - A Buffalo woman is charged with two counts of second degree murder for the death of a WWI veteran. Prosecutors say Saundra Adams was 17-years old when she allegedly killed 92-year old Edmund Schreiber.

Schreiber was killed inside his Hastings Avenue home in Buffalo. Adams, now 50, gave multiple false statements to police.

However, DNA was the key to police charging her with murder.

"The defendants DNA has been found specifically on multiple knots on those neckties that were used to tie and bound and strangle Mr. Schreiber to death," said Thomas Finnerty, prosecutor.

Prosecutors say Adams strangled Schreiber during a burglary at his home in the Bailey Kensington neighborhood on June 23, 1982.

Schreiber was a World War I veteran awarded a purple heart. The acting Erie County District Attorney told reporters that Schreiber's granddaughter is pleased that justice has been served.

Adams is being held without bail at the Erie County Holding Center.