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Veterinarian Saves Man's Life in Vehicle Accident

Veterinarian saves man's life who was involved in a vehicle accident.


WILLIAMSVILLE - There can be something magical around the holidays and on this drizzly day -- Kevin was someone's miracle.

"Essentially I saw the car from across the street, the wheels were still in motion and so I could tell that it was still in drive," Kevin Kuhn said. "I knew something was wrong, I asked if anyone was inside the car and no one was for certain."

He noticed across the street a vehicle rammed into a utility pole.

"With 5 lanes of traffic it wasn't the easiest to get across but I finally got a break," Kuhn said.

With one foot in front of the other he made it across discovering a man inside pale and not breathing.

He broke the window to shut off the vehicle and help.

"He wasn't taking in breaths, and I couldn't get a pulse- so I started chest compression," Kuhn said.

"Locked elbows and leaning over and using your body weight to use your full force."

With patients and training, he helped save his life.

"I'm glad that I was able to be there and help in anyway and hope it's a great outcome."

The scrubs might give it away -but you see Kevin patches those in need for living

He's a veterinarian.

"I think as a vet it helped me set my priorities and the first priority was to get that car turned off."

As days go on, he'll help animal patients that come in -- but cuts on his hands -- will be a reminder of the human he helped --- across the street.

"I hope he does tremendously well, and if given the opportunity perhaps he pays it forward."

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