BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Western New Yorkers left for Albany early Monday morning with a message for the governor.

They are demanding that Governor Cuomo block construction of the Northern Access Pipeline.

The proposed pipeline would run from Erie County into Pennsylvania, and carry natural gas into Canada.

Environmentalists are concerned that sending the pipeline through creeks and wetlands puts Western New York water in danger.

"I grew up in Wales Center and I love the Buffalo Creek, and that whole area," said Jean Dickson, a member of the Sierra Club Niagara Group that helped organize the trip. "The whole idea that they can just plow right through and take people's land, take advantage of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, it's just a rubber stamp for the companies," she said.

National Fuel has the permits it needs for the pipeline, but still needs approval from the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). National Fuel says the majority of landowners have already given the company rights-of-way where the new pipeline would be built.