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Western New York Couple Builds Colorful House Out of Wine Bottles

Sure, some people use empty bottles for craft projects, but one Niagara County couple took recycling to another level.

What do you get when you mix a colorful vision, some ambition, and more than 3,000 wine bottles?

If you're Kitty Ulrich and Kevin Worosz, the end result is something really incredible — a backyard shed that looks more like a work of art.

Kitty said she got the idea after having a glass of wine with her son, who was drinking a beer from a blue bottle. 

She liked how colorful it was and thought there had to be some sort of craft project she could create using it.

The creation was anything but a normal craft project.

It took the couple a year of nights and weekends to build the 10'x12' building.

They had some bottles of their own and enlisted the help of friends and family to collect bottles from area wineries, restaurants, and bars.

Instead of ending up in the trash, the bottles ended up stacked high and kept in place with mortar. The finished product looks like stained glass when the bottles catch the light. 

It's most impressive at night. You can see two large scenes when the light shines through — a beach scene complete with palm trees and setting sun, which is a nod to their favorite place in the Caribbean.

On the flip side there's a large tree made of bottles of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

The couple says the shed has held up to Western New York winters. This spring they plan to acid wash the bottles to make them shine brighter and reseal the mortar.

One thing they don't plan on doing? Building another wine bottle building. Someone already asked.