NORTH TONAWANDA, NY - Walmart is now offering something unique in Western New York -- a free service to get your groceries, without stepping foot in the store.

Dash's has online grocery shopping for home delivery and in-store pickup, which will cost you. Wegmans says it's testing online grocery shopping and curbside pickup in Rochester and New Jersey.
At the Walmart on Military Road in Niagara Falls and its North Tonawanda location on Niagara Falls Boulevard, there's a free online grocery shopping service, with Walmart employees bringing you your bags, while you wait in your vehicle.
"It allows customers to order online in their pajamas be able to pick in the same pajamas, never set foot inside the store," said Lazarou.
2 On Your Side went to Walmart's website to see how it works.
You definitely are going to need to create an account in order to shop online -- requiring you to have a username and password. Also, Walmart requires you to spend at least $30 to purchase your groceries online.
In order to get your groceries on the same day, you have to buy them before 10 a.m.
So, after 10 a.m. then the earliest they can get groceries is the next day.
After the order is placed -- you get an order confirmation, you get an order number, you can even make changes to your order and Walmart says that it will call you 15 minutes before the start of the time, in which you're supposed to be at the store to pick up your groceries.
When you get to the store, Walmart has a designated pickup spot, that's where an employee will come out to your vehicle with your groceries.
REPORTER: How do people know that in fact they're getting good clean merchandise that's in good condition and fresh produce?
"When they pick up those items the personal shopper delivering it to the car will actually show those customers those items and let them inspect it and make sure it's of the quality they're happy with," Lazarou said.
Walmart says someone at least 18 years old will have to pick up the order, or 21 years old if it contains alcohol. And, there's a catch for coupon clippers: Walmart says you can't use them online. Walmart says it looks to expand this program to its other stores in WNY.