BUFFALO, N.Y. — The public unveiling of submissions to possibly re-purpose the Buffalo Skyway will not occur this week as previously announced.

Empire State Development (ESD) — which is overseeing a contest announced by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in February — had previously indicated on its website that the unveiling of plans would occur during the week of August 26 through August 31.

However, on Monday afternoon the timetable on its website was amended to indicate the unveiling will not occur until Wednesday, September 4. There is no announcement on where the unveiling will take place.

According Empire State Development, after the initial round of submissions there were 20 proposals considered worthy enough to warrant further consideration. From there, the selected teams were then invited to submit full technical proposals by August 17 under the second part of the competition. 

Sixteen submissions were presented under the deadline, and according to ESD have now been provided to the members of the review panel for scoring.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions in the amounts of $100,000 (top idea), $50,000 (first runner-up), and $25,000 (second runner-up).  

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