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Unknown Stories of WNY: The day Hoover visited the school named after him

The former president attended the dedication of the school named after him.

TOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. — As dirt moves at Herbert Hoover Middle School in the Kenmore - Tonawanda Union Free School District, we take a look back 72 years to when construction equipment was putting the finishing touches on the brand new Hoover School, and the very special day it was dedicated.

Dedication day was October 10, 1951, a day filled with excitement according to Town of Tonawanda Historical Society President Judy Tucker. 

"It was quite pomp and circumstance I guess it's the best way to put it," Tucker said. 

And why wouldn't there be? It isn't every day you have the namesake at a school dedication, not to mention a former United States president. That's right, our 31st president, Herbert Hoover not only attended but also spoke at the dedication.

"He talked about schools and how important it was to elevate people's learning" Tucker said. 

Eighteen years had passed since Hoover occupied the White House during a very turbulent time in U.S. history. Tucker points out that, in the former president's mind, this honor may have been one step in changing his legacy. 

"He was the depression president, so this was like a great way for him to bring a new persona to the public, and he was very, very pleased to have this building dedicated in this honor."

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