BUFFALO, NY - In June of 1943, the Kansas City Massacre occurred, it was an attempt to free Frank Nash who was being transported to a federal prison, four officers were killed in it. An APB was immediately put out on Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd and his sidekick, Adam Richetti.

Floyd and Richetti went on the run. And for whatever reason, whether it was a convenient spot between New York and Chicago, or possibly they were hoping to slip into Canada, they ran right here to the Queen City.

Once in Buffalo, they met up with a pair of accomplices, the Baird sisters, Rose and Juanita. They rented apartment 821 of the apartment building at the corner of Rhode Island and 18th Streets on Buffalo's west side.
They stayed here for 13 months, until October of 1934, when Floyd felt it was time to make a move. Floyd gave one of the Baird sisters 300 dollars to go and buy a car.

They packed up and headed west, while they were trying to make their midnight getaway across a gloomy and rainy Ohio, they skidded off the road and hit a light post. They sent the sisters into town to find a tow truck, Floyd and Richetti stayed with the car. A passerby called police after he became suspicious of two men lying on the side of the road in suits. When the cops came out to investigate, they recognized them right away.

A gunfight broke out, Richetti was killed, Floyd escaped, briefly. Police and federal officials caught up to Floyd in a farmhouse, and opened fire. Floyd was killed, bringing to a close the story of one of the most notorious gangsters of all time, and making his brief stay on Buffalo's west side, Pretty Boy Floyd's last stand.