BUFFALO, NY - The Deep within the woods and the tradition of the Iroquois people are stories of a dark being. It is one that historian and story teller Mason Winfield says has been reported during ties of trouble. "It does look like it is something that answers to human unrest." It is a tall beastly-looking figure, wearing a stove-pipe hat whom the Seneca's have named High Hat.

Winfield adds "He's got a very sinister reputation, he's got a mouth full of sharp teeth and he is rumored to be a bit of a cannibal." While that thought may be horrific, Winfield says he may have been a witch in life and is now a feared spirit. The times he is said to appear have been times of unrest.

Algonquin healer, storyteller and spiritual teacher, Michael Bastine, who has a keen sense and respect for the realm beyond our consciousness says many cultures have similar beings. The Mothman is one of the better known, and Bastine describes a dark traveler who has been spotted in Tuscorora territory, who appears to be a similar entity. "It's one that walks the roads or walks the paths at night. " Bastine says the traveler is said to be in search of those who are out looking to cause trouble. "When they encounter this and they tell the stories, there's an aroma, there's a smell that they can't describe, it would be like walking into an area where there's a decaying body. Those entities or those elements are there for a reason. It's actually to wake you up and say, maybe I have to readjust...and make a few changes in their life, because this thing is ominous. "