BUFFALO, NY - Johanna Dominguez describes herself as an Environmentalist, Adventurer, Activist, Poet, Antarctica Enthusiast and Social Media Guru. Although she didn't grow up in Western New York, she calls it home.

The daughter of a diplomat, she has lived all over the world, and came to Buffalo for school in 2000. She has just bought a home here and is laying down roots, but it is her family roots that shape the person she is.

Johanna is a self-proclaimed tree-hugger and activist. It is a family tradition of sorts. When her mother married Scott Wallace, Johanna joined a family that shares her passion for progressive thinking. Scott Wallace's grandfather is Henry A. Wallace, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Agriculture Secretary, and then Vice President. Wallace was FDR's main New Deal advocate, visiting 48 states in one year to spread the word and sell the plan to the American people.

Wallace's social activism made him a bit of an outsider with the traditional conservative wing of the Democratic Party. Some, however, say he was ahead of his time when it came to social issues. Wallace campaigned against segregation, for national health insurance and an end to the Cold War.

Johanna is involved in many causes and even started the group Activists of Buffalo, to highlight the work of the many people in the Queen City who fight for the causes in which they believe every day.