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Local congressman introduces legislation to end all COVID-19 mandates for Canadians

The Northern Border Reopening Act would discontinue all COVID-19 mandates on Canadians entering the United States.

ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. — On Sunday, U.S. Rep. Chris Jacobs introduced new legislation in hopes to help end all COVID-19 mandates for Canadians crossing at our northern border.

“Vaccine mandates being imposed upon our truckers, workers in other essential industries, families, and individuals traveling for simple leisure or recreation violate the freedom every person has to make personal medical decisions without fear of retaliation,” Jacobs said. “Americans and Canadians alike are fed up with the oppressive and unconstitutional overreach being forced on them that threatens our economic stability and personal liberties.”

The Northern Border Reopening Act would discontinue all COVID-19 mandates on Canadians entering the United States to get the northern border back to normal on the American side. 

“Burdening Canadians with additional restrictions to cross the Northern Border harms our Upstate New York and North Country communities, families, and small businesses. I have been calling on both Canada and the United States to resume pre-pandemic travel at the Northern Border, and this is a chance for the United States to set an example for returning to normalcy. I am proud to join this effort to take a step forward in restoring our Northern Border travel,” U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik said.

According to the news releaseJacobs has long advocated for a return to normalcy at the northern border. 

“For months, my colleagues and I have worked to put an end to the vaccine mandates at the northern border and on critical industries throughout our nation. These mandates infringe on our basic liberties, harm our economy, and have kept families unjustifiably separated for far too long,” Jacobs said. “As we near a new tourism season here in New York, it is imperative these mandates are dropped to allow for our small businesses to recover and families to fully reunite. I am proud to lead this effort, and I will continue to work to end all mandates.”


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