Orchard Park, NY - Parents of children with special needs may feel they are in a constant search for places where their sons and daughters can be entertained and thrive and learn useful skills as well. Now there's a newly founded organization called Sensational Fun Inc. which offers such services .

Kelly Stanton of Sensational Fun says families and special needs children feel they need a place where they can feel understood, where they can feel accepted, where they can feel safe.

That's a guiding quest for families of special needs children in the area who may consider this newly opened center for the Sensational Fun Incorporated registered non profit organization in Orchard Park.

Jennifer Kline, who helped found Sensational Fun says "We saw a great need...there is very little recreational opportunities. What's out there is over-stimulating, it's inappropriate. What we wanted to do is give a nice, neutral, calming environment where families can come."

With combined experience of child education specialist Jennifer Kline, speech pathologist Kelly Stanton, and occupational therapist Cheryl Guggemos, they decided to create a specialized facility with neutral colors and subdued lighting. There's even a special calming room with an aquarium. And of course there is a play facilitiy.

But also there are specifically designed areas to develop motor skills with what they call therapeutic play.

Kelly Stanton says "All three of us have been working in the field of special education for over a decade. And working with children with autism, children with cerebral palsy, children with Down Syndrome...we would hear the same things over and over...you know we don't have an outlet. we don't have a place where we feel comfortable, where we feel accepted. So we just came together and thought how wonderful would be it to offer this to these families."

Cheryl Guggemos adds "It's so important for kids to play and that's a huge aspect of their life...is just to play and be themselves."

That especially applies to eight year old Braden. He is a child with cerebral palsy who can swing and just enjoy the ball pit while working on development skills at Sensational Fun. His mother Kristie Maxon says "It's therapy. But it's fun therapy and it's all based towards kids with special needs. Other places have a day or a couple of hours but it's still not a safe place for him to go and play."

Here's a link to the Sensational Fun Incorporated website http://www.sensationalfun.org