WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. — From dinosaurs and hula hoops to board games and card games that make kids think, Clayton's Toy Store in Williamsville has it all.

Inside the vibrant and colorful toy store, it's easy to get lost in the seemingly endless aisles of toys.

"It's just makes you happy when you come in, and it makes you happy to see kids happy, and who doesn't want to play all day, right?” said co-owner Kellie Klos.

This year, Clayton’s celebrates 101 years in business. Its longevity is a testament to the fact people enjoy their experiences here and return.

Clayton’s has stayed in business despite a fire, a move and changes in ownership throughout the last century.
It first started as a doll hospital. Eleanor Clayton started working there to help expand the store to selling more than dolls, and then she took over.

“Changed the name to Clayton's, and it's just gone on from there. We were on Elmwood for about 75 years, and we've been here for about 26 and a half,” Klos said.

While Clayton’s carries many innovative and unexpected toys you might not see everywhere, by and large, it’s back to basics with toys like Wooden train sets, building blocks, and dolls.

"I would say by miles we sell more plush and wooden trains, and building blocks and stacking blocks,” Klos said.
That sentiment resonates particularly with those who might feel that electronics, smart phones, and computers interfere with childhood.

"For the most part, people come here for that reason specifically for that reason, to get away from electronics.”

The store does complimentary gift-wrapping all year.

“We're traditional. It's old school, it's blocks. It's thinking, it's imagination; it's what it should be. It's what childhood should be,” Klos said.