BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Here's something you don't see every day. A team of math students from UB competed on Monday night's episode of NBC's, "Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge". Not only did they compete, they did Western New York proud.

The "Mathletes" team is comprised of UB Mathematics students, who pulled together to take on the grueling mile-long obstacle course for the chance at the $250,000 grand prize.

We spoke with team member, Trevor Bernard by phone, and he says he initially tried to be a contestant on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. When Bernard got a call from producers about this challenge, he and his teammates jumped on it, figuratively and literally. Bernard says their math skills definitely came into play.

"We looked at everything super closely... figured out the most optimal way to do it. That's what math really helps you with. It's figuring out the most efficient way to do something, not necessarily by numbers, but just seeing what we could do best spending the least amount of energy and getting through the fastest," Bernard said.

In case you missed the episode, the UB "Mathletes" team advanced to the second round!