BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills fans can now own a piece of the old turf from New Era Field — which was recently ripped up and replaced — due to the efforts of an entrepreneur who purchased much of the turf at an auction in early June.

After the county donated about half of the old turf at the stadium to Erie Community College for its use, it put the rest up for bid though Cash Realty and Auctions, where Pat Brady, 27, of Buffalo purchased it for $4,551.

“What I have is the other half, plus the sidelines and the end zones,” Brady said.

Brady told 2 On Your Side the entrepreneurial bug bit him at a young age.

“Ever since I was 14 I was interested in buying something for two bucks and selling it for four,” he said.

As a young man he then obtained a degree in business management.

Beyond the cost of buying the turf, Brady then had to rent equipment to haul it to a rented warehouse space, where he and his employees are now beginning to cut it up and process it for sale on TheBuffaloTurf.com, the website he created for marketing it.

He reports orders are brisk after just a few days.

“More than I imagined or expected,” Brady said.

However, his business sense leads him to believe interest will wane when the novelty wears off. He likely won’t be able to sell all the turf he has in the form of small patches, which is the only option currently available online.

“Once the (initial) buzz wears down, we hope to turn this stuff into other products,” Brady said.

He then ticked off a list of possibilities as boundless as his enthusiasm.

“We could make doormats…truck liners…things that are every day stuff that we could turn into a fan product,” he said.

Brady also relishes the thought of collaborating with local artists and craftspeople, to create specialty products and gifts.

“Some of my friends have taken really awesome photos of the stadium while they were inside,” Brady said. “So we use those prints and mat them into a turf frame creating a really nice piece."