TOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. — There are still a lot of questions concerning a double fatal crash on Friday night in the Town of Tonawanda.

On Tuesday the Town of Tonawanda Police Department provided an update on the investigation into the accident. Town of Tonawanda Police Chief James P. Stauffiger gave a timeline of events prior to the crash.

According to police, their investigation starts at 10:35 p.m. at Sheridan Parkside convenience store. Tyler Lichtenberger and Gianna Ameno, both 21 and both of North Tonawanda, were in a white Ford Focus when two people approached on foot. Stauffiger says Lichtenberger approached the male party and reached into his waistband and pulled out a BB gun and pointed at the male. Words were exchanged, and then a physical confrontation occurred between the two men. Lichtenberger then got into his vehicle and drove towards the male and female, almost hitting the female. The incident was caught on store surveillance police say. 

From there, police say Lichtenberger fled area. 

Around 10:47 p.m., police say Lichtenberger pulls up to a vehicle at Military and Skillen. Witnesses in the vehicle say Lichtenberger revved his engine. The driver of the other vehicle looked over to see what was going on. The witness told police Lichtenberger got out of his vehicle  and yelled at the driver, pulling out a BB gun. 

From there, Lichtenberger allegedly struck the other vehicle before going around the block and then headed north on Military. 

A few minutes later, a police officer was already at the intersection of Military and Kenmore when he was about to proceed through the green light to make a left hand turn, but noticed the white Ford Focus coming at a high rate of speed and stopped his vehicle. The officer says the Ford Focus was traveling at over 80 mph when it went through the intersection. 

The officer then put on his lights and sirens to attempt to pull over the vehicle. Chief Stauffiger says the officer was never more than five blocks behind Lichtenberger.  

At that point, Lichtenberger was headed towards the intersection of Military and Sheridan. A northbound vehicle on Military was in the left lane stopped at the red light. The driver told police he saw the white Ford Focus in his rear view mirror. The driver told police that Lichtenberger went into the right lane and proceeded through the red light and struck a vehicle heading westbound on Sheridan Drive. Police say Lichtenberger's vehicle then struck a secondary vehicle that was in the southbound lane of Military Road.  At that point, Lichtenberger and Ameno were ejected from their vehicle. Both were declared dead at the scene. 

Police say neither Lichtenberger or Ameno were wearing their seatbelt at the time of the accident. 

A total of six cars were involved in the accident that happened at the intersection of Sheridan Drive and Military Road. 

Three other people were injured in the accident. Two were taken to Kenmore Mercy Hospital, one was taken to ECMC. All were treated and released. 

2 On Your Side listened to the police dispatch calls related to the crash. 

"Attempted to pull over a white Ford Focus traveling about 80 miles an hour up military northbound toward Sheridan," an officer can be heard saying on the police radio. 

Seconds later, the vehicle collided with other vehicles at the intersection.

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