TONAWANDA, N.Y. — A Tonawanda man says he is fed up after Wednesday's storms caused a sewage backup that resulted in sewage flooding into his basement, and he says this isn't the first time it's happened. 

Chris Tatro told 2 On Your Side that when he came home after getting a frantic call from his wife, he found his basement flooded with sewage. He shared photos that showed standing water and human waste in his basement.

Tatro told 2 On Your Side this is the third time since he's bought his home that something like this has happened. 

Tatro also said he reached out to the Town of Tonawanda and was told he would have to pay more money to install the equipment needed to stop the flooding on top of what he spent to remove the sewage that was in his home, and that's something he's not willing to do. 

"If you're only going to send me a person to come out and spend X and Y amount of dollars on things to improve so your system doesn't keep backing up into my house, then don't waste your time and don't waste my time," he said. 

2 On Your Side did reach out to the Town and the Water Supervisor, who explained that there wasn't much to be done because of how bad the storm was. But the town was taking steps to help prevent more people from having to deal with this kind of flooding.

The director of water resources did say he would be willing to send a foreman to the house to do an assessment at well.

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