TOWN OF BOSTON, N.Y. -- The town of Boston is kicking off is 200th birthday in 2017, and one really big birthday gift to all residents are two brand new ice rinks.

Town supervisor Martin Ballowe says Boston's 200th anniversary will be celebrated as a community.
A winter festival was held Friday night behind town hall.

"I think it's a nice thing to do while the kids are off from school,” he said.

From snowman making contests, to demonstrations by sled dogs, the snow on the ground set the scene for a true winter party.

That party also included horse-drawn carriage rides and live reindeer.

But the main attraction of the party is Boston's two new ice rinks.

"We put up one and had such an interest in it that we decided to get a second one,” said Ballowe.

The smaller rink cost $4,600 and was built by Pace Landscaping.

The second rink, however, was both donated by and built by residents and local businesses.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for skating Friday night.

A warmer week leading up to Friday is to blame for slush at the rink’s deeper ends.

But once the ice is all frozen, the idea is to keep Boston ice skaters or hockey players in their hometown.

“It developed as part of the 200th anniversary, and kind of seeing that people were going to other communities to ice skate,” Ballowe said. “Since we have winter months here and are trying to find outdoor activities for people in our community, we thought what a great idea, ice rinks.”

No harm from the warm up though; between the horse drawn carriage rides, free chili and hot chocolate inside town hall, and a fireworks display, there was plenty going on to keep families occupied.

"We're really happy because there are so many kids here, there are more people than we expected,” said event coordinator Laura Galligan.

Galligan, who will have a role in planning the bicentennial events, said residents also have a Memorial Day parade and an Octoberfest to look forward to in 2017. She said the annual 4th of July celebration should be bigger and better than before, too.