Three truck crashes over three weeks -- and dozens of crashes in the past two decades -- have forced the City of Tonawanda to examine the safety of a stretch of the CSX Bridge that extends over Young Street.

Tonawanda Mayor Rick Davis issued a zero-tolerance ban on all trucks earlier in March, asking local police to help enforce it.

Neighbors told 2 On Your Side that the ban is reducing truck traffic. "I think that it is working right now. I think we have a heavy police presence now and they are stopping trucks before they get there" said Cindi Barraclough. 

During a Tonawanda Traffic & Safety board meeting Monday night, neighbors and business owners voiced their concerns.

"They've probably hit the bridge once a month for the last ten years or so" said Barraclough.

The board announced they will ask the Tonawanda Town Council to make that portion of Young street coded for vehicle traffic only. 

That ordinance amendment would no longer allow tractor-trailers to travel under the bridge.

A few people expressed concerns about the size of the signs currently placed in front of the bridge saying trucks can't see them and drive into residential areas to avoid the bridge.

To solve that, board members said they will talk to the Department of Transportation to see if blinking signs are an option.

However, a former truck driver with 40 years of experience told the board he doesn't believe signs will fix the problem, he says it's rooted in young drivers.

"They are going to hit it and they are not paying attention"said Ron Walker. "They're not reading the signs, that's the first thing that you are taught is to read the signs." 

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