TONAWANDA, NY - The Tonawanda Coke plant could be told to shut down as early as Friday. Both prosecutors and company attorneys will be back in court Friday morning, arguing why the plant should stay open or be closed to keep the community safe.

Day in and day out, prosecutors say that Tonawanda Coke continues to release poisonous gas from its coke over operations, violating its probation. But, the plant says that it is making changes and wants a judge to allow the company more time to continue to do this.

Prosecutors say they're prepared to present evidence at the hearing such as inspection reports, pictures and air sampling showing that Tonawanda Coke is a danger.

On the other hand, Tonawanda Coke says its been working with an engineering firm, to clean up its operation.

They're asking the court to allow the engineering firm to do its work first, before making a decision on whether the plant should be shutdown.

Tonawanda Coke is asking that Friday's hearing be postponed until after a hearing with the Department of Environmental Conservation next month, on some of these same issues.

Tonawanda Coke also says that prosecutors have released some test results too soon to Friday's hearing and that the company hasn't had enough time to prepare for the hearing. We're not sure if the judge will make a decision Friday, or perhaps, take some time to issue a ruling.