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Tickets are still available for Sunday's Bills game

As of Monday afternoon, you could find tickets online for less than $200.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — You can still find tickets for Sunday's game for sale online, and in some cases prices are cheaper than they were for games earlier in the season.

"In the secondary market, there are quite a few seats available," said Nick Giammusso, founder of VIPTIX.

Nick Giammusso, President and CEO of VIPTIX, says about 5,000 tickets are still available as of Monday afternoon. He says that is unheard of as far as this season goes for the Bills because usually that number has hovered around a thousand a game.

So why the difference?

"It's just a short window to sell the playoffs, and we just found out who our opponent was, so it's not typical that Miami fans will be coming to Buffalo, not like we saw earlier in the year with Pittsburgh and Green Bay and the home opener. It just gives people a lot more time to make travel arrangements where now we've got this short, one week window to sell tickets," said Nick Giammusso.

As of Monday afternoon, you could find tickets for less than $200 in the 300s.

Giammusso says that is much cheaper than games earlier this season where you'd pay at least $400. 

"We expect prices to come down a little bit, but there's a huge demand, it's the Bills playoffs and with Damar's injury, it seems like the community's really come together and the Bills, the storyline is written, hopefully, we will make a Super Bowl appearance," said Nick Giammusso.

And, if you're planning on going to the next game if the Bills win on Sunday, he says you can expect to pay double or triple what this Sunday's tickets are going for.

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