LACKAWANNA, NY - The state Thruway Authority is giving its plow truck drivers more resources during snow storms, in clearing a busy part of the 90. The Thruway has opened a salt barn right by the Lackawanna toll barrier, which is already being used by Thruway plow truck drivers.

The Thruway Authority says this is an area right that tends to get very slippery because it's so busy. The Thruway says that a couple hills right beyond the tolls, have become trouble spots over the years, particularly for drivers with bald tires.

So they started building the new salt barn in the spring. It finished last month and the barn is now full of a salt-sand mixture that will be used only during heavy snow storms. But, the barn will also let Thruway plow truck drivers fill up on gas and it'll store equipment here too.

"So, during operations to improve our efficiency and our reaction time, it's like a mini maintenance yard right at this site," said Matthew Latko, the division maintenance engineer of the New York State Thruway Authority, "so we wanted to make improvements and at the direction of the Governor we've made numerous improvements here."

The Thruway says their plow drivers could save up to a half hour of travel time by using this salt barn. It'll cover an area between the Blasdell exit and the 90/190 interchange where the Thruway already has salt barns.

The Thruway Authority says it plans to open another salt barn along the 190, next year by Ogden Street in Kaisertown.