BUFFALO, N.Y. - With this cold Western New York is seeing, you can bet your Thanksgiving dinner, people were dressed in layers at the Turkey Trot. More than 11,000 turkey trotters signed up in what was the 123rd year of the holiday tradition.

In this year's Turkey Trot, those big, crazy, funny costumes came in real handy for turkey trotters dressed in them, providing an extra layer of warmth. Ben Pierce of West Seneca dressed up as a sloth.

REPORTER: How is it running in that thing?

"Very hot, it's kind of miserable very sweaty," he said.

REPORTER: Where does someone get one of those?

"Amazon," he replied.

REPORTER: There's so much perspiration in there.

"It's hot in here, you can see it dripping, it's gross I'm scared to take it off," Pierce said.

We caught up with "hazmat guy," also known as, Adam Hammer of Williamsville.

REPORTER: I can see that mask fogging up already.

"I was just wiping it off with my hat as I went but I could see shapes I didn't run into anybody," Hammer said.

Forget wearing layers, we saw some guys, showing some skin.

As usual we saw a lot of kids out here. They were bundled up. But for veterans of this race, they could handle it.