BUFFALO, N.Y. --The Theatre of Youth at Buffalo's historic Allendale Theater is celebrating the holidays with some special renovations, and it's found a unique way to help pay for them.

The company, now in it's 45th year, decided to convert portions of it's old lighting in the more than 100-year-old theater into energy efficient LED lighting.

Meg Quinn, the Artistic Director of the Theatre of Youth, said replacing more than 300 bulbs in many of the theater's decorative lighting fixtures came at a hefty cost.

In addition, throwing out all of the bulbs would be environmentally irresponsible, she said, although many of the bulbs were blown.

"So, we had the big idea to turn all of the bulbs into Christmas ornaments," she said. The bulbs are now being sold at the theater before shows and online. Click here for information.

Just about everyone in the company is involved in the initiative, helping with tasks such as dipping the bulbs in gold, tying tags on them, and packaging them to be given as gifts.

"We gave it some thought," Quinn said. "So they are packaged very nicely and appropriate for gift giving."

Money from selling the ornaments will go toward continuing to convert bulbs in the theater to LED's, Quinn explained. These include the bulbs in the theater lobby's decorative lighting fixtures.

"This money will be specifically targeted to going green," she said. "It's a fun way to solve that problem and also to have something available to our customers that is unique and kind of fun."