BUFFALO, N.Y. — Ted's Hot Dogs is celebrated its 92nd anniversary with a special deal for their customers. 

During its annual Ted's Customer Appreciation Day on Wednesday, February 20, the food chain sold their regular hot dogs for 92-cents all day long. Customers began lining up as soon as locations opened across Western New York. 

One customer, Sydney Carlo, drove from Rochester with her mother to get a hot dog. She stood in line for 40 minutes at the Transit Road location for her two hot dogs. 

When asked what she liked on her hot dogs, she simply answered, "Ketchup and onions just like my grandma."

The line was much longer at the Union Road locations. Some customers stood in line for over an hour to get their hot dog. 

Ted's also auctioned off ten golden hot dog key chains online which get you buy-one, get-one-free hot dogs for life. That money will benefit the Ted's Youth Foundation.