BUFFALO, N.Y. — In locations around Western New York, dedicated volunteers pick up, pack up and fan out to deliver meals to people who may have difficulty putting food on the table.

You’re probably familiar with Meals on Wheels. Last year the local chapter of the national organization delivered 1.5 million meals.

Now it does so under the banner of FeedMore WNY. That's the new name of the merged operations of Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank of WNY.

“There’s clearly an unmet need in Western New York for people who are hungry. Together, we do believe that we can serve ten-percent more food to the western New York community,” says Chief Communications Officer Anne McKenna.

And this week is “Champions for Meals,” where elected officials and other well-known Western New Yorkers are asked to come and help with the delivery of those critical meals.

“This is something that we do every single day Monday through Friday. ... But we want to give this experience and show by example the good work that we’re doing in the community,” McKenna said.

She explains the event also help raise awareness of the hunger problem in our region.


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