BUFFALO, NY - There's a new restaurant opening in Buffalo's Larkinville neighborhood.

The Swan Street Diner will open its doors to the public on Tuesday.

"I think they'll experience a feeling of warmth, I know I love just being in here it's very comfortable and that's what we want it to be," said Leslie Zemsky, a partner of Larkin Development Group, which owns Swan Street Diner and many businesses in Larkinville.

A few years ago, she says her husband Howard, the CEO of Larkin Development, was on a trip in Newark, NY, near Rochester and went to check out a 1937 Sterling diner.

"Howard was not looking for a diner, but when this opportunity presented itself, it just made so much sense as another element to add to the neighborhood," she said.

It took two years to restore the diner.

Amanda Amico, who runs a food truck called Amy's Truck, was approached by the Zemsky's about managing the Swan Street Diner.

"Why not? It's a really cool project the refurbishing of this diner cart is amazing to be involved in something from the ground up," Amico said.

She created the diner's breakfast and lunch menu.

"Diner food done really well," Zemsky said.

Swan Street Diner is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.