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Superintendent refuses to talk about McKinley High School

Principal Marck Abraham attends executive session; district will hold press conference Thursday.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — We continue to hold school leaders accountable about behavioral concerns at McKinley High School in Buffalo.

In recent weeks, we've heard from people in the community, the president of the teachers’ union, even students about problems there, and despite a lot of blame being put on the principal, he's got full support from the superintendent.

Before Wednesday's Buffalo School Board meeting, 2 On Your Side got a statement from the district saying statements from the Buffalo Teachers Federation quote "egregiously distort and mischaracterize" what's happening at McKinley High School and that those statements are insulting to students, teachers, staff, and administration there.

2 On Your Side was told Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash would not be speaking with the media about the situation at McKinley.

The statement went on to say, "Administratively, all matters were handled procedurally correct as in any other high school across the city. We are not at liberty to discuss the specifics of any personnel cases."

Neither Cash nor any school board members mentioned McKinley High School during the meeting, but when it was time for the board to go into Executive Session, a time when personnel matters are typically discussed, McKinley's principal, Marck Abraham, was there.

Executive sessions are held in private, so our photographer and reporter had to leave the room. A short time later, Abraham left, too. Not long after that, Dr. Cash passed our journalists in the hallway. We asked him if he'd talk about what's happening at McKinley, and he declined.

Dr. Cash did mention a press conference the district is having Thursday. He told everyone at Wednesday’s meeting the announcement will be the "most extraordinary news in our three years together."

It's happening after the State Education Commissioner has her own press conference. 2 On Your Side will be there to cover the announcement and try to find out more about what's happening at McKinley High School.

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