BATAVIA, NY - Medical equipment missing from United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia is part of an ongoing police investigation. The items were stolen and turned up on eBay for sale.

Batavia Police Detective Eric Hill says several items were stolen, "all ranges, big and small, stuff used for surgery, stuff not used for surgery," he said.

Surgical equipment like laparoscopic cameras are believed to be among the items missing. In January police were alerted after a hospital employee noticed items missing from the central supply room on eBay.

Police have spoken with a female person of interest. "I'm not sure if she's still currently employed with the hospital or not, but she was an employee of the hospital," said the detective.

The theft may go back over a year.

Police are still awaiting a list from the hospital on the total number items stolen and the dollar amount. For now, the total is expected to be at least $50,000, but could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.