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Starpoint wrestlers, parents address school board after season was canceled

Anger and tears Monday night at the Starpoint Central School District board meeting as wrestlers expressed their frustration over the canceled season.

PENDLETON, N.Y. — The Starpoint school board canceled the wrestling season after an allegation of misconduct was reported. 

The board announced the cancellation on February 8, though no record of an emergency board meeting can be found, and the wrestling season was not on the agenda of the regular meeting two days prior on February 6.  

Monday night, wrestlers and parents were able to voice their anger and frustration with the board over the decision. 

"Everybody's assuming in this utter silence, that each and every one of these boys are rapists, molesters, and otherwise, which is the furthest from the truth," said Mike Argentieri.

Argentieri identified that he has a son on the JV wrestling team. 

"We still haven't even been told exactly what the allegations are," Argentieri said. "You can't defend yourself if you don't know what you're being accused of."

Levi Thompson, another parent, challenged the board about the investigation. 

"Has anybody here spoken to my son about the allegations?" Thompson asked. "Has the athletic directors talked to my son about these allegations? He has not"

Thompson also said that law enforcement also hasn't reached out to interview his son. 

Matt Caldwell, a senior on the Starpoint wrestling team, told the board that his teammates have been relentlessly harassed since the announcement of the canceled season. Caldwell also has a younger brother on the team. 

" I've walked into bathrooms with my little brother when kids were yelling at him calling him a rapist," Caldwell told the board. "I had to tell him to get out."

After a board budget presentation, the board responded to several parents in the audience, but it quickly back and forth, particularly with board member Dr. Shawn P. Riester.

The board eventually wrapped up the meeting and went into an executive session. 

2 On Your Side reached out to the Niagara County Sheriff's Office for an update on the investigation but did not get a response. 

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