BUFFALO, N.Y. - Spectrum customers have not been thrilled lately with the cable company, and this won't help. It looks like their monthly bill is about to get a bit more expensive.

The Broadcast TV surcharge will go from $8.85 to $9.95; the cost for a Spectrum receiver will go from $6.99 to $7.50; and Digital Transport Adapters (DTA) will go from $4.99 to $5.99; plus if you have the Latino View add on that will go from $7.99 to $8.99.

According to a letter Charter sent to some local cities and towns, the company says "Like every business, Charter faces rising costs that require occasional price adjustments."

The letter also states that the new prices "Effective on or after November 1, 2018."

As the cost for cable goes up, the Public Service Commission and Charter or Spectrum, continue to be in negotiations over how Spectrum plans to leave the state. A few months ago, the state rescinded Charter's merger with Time Warner Cable.

Charter has received several extensions from the state to file paperwork related to the court case. The company has until mid-November to submit their application for a hearing to appeal the state's decision.

And mid-December is the new deadline to file a Six-Month Exit Plan.