ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. — The SPCA Serving Erie County was able to successfully return a pair of birds to the wild Tuesday after caring for them since they were born. Two common mergansers were just a few days old when they were brought into the SPCA's wildlife department in July. 

Last year the wildlife department lost a few merganser ducks under their care, but say that experience gave them the knowledge to provide better care for these two.

"And they're kind of difficult to keep in captivity," said Vet Tech James Sevigny. "We've been feeding them tons of fish, cray fish, meal worms, and things like that. They've been doing very well. They're very big, fat, and happy, and ready to go."

The two ducks were released at Times Beach around noon and the SPCA was happy to see them start swimming and looking for fish right away.

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