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Some ideas for the new Bills stadium

New stadiums now are also known for having more dramatic lighting, scoreboards, and video screens.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — As the Bills move forward now with the stadium project there is also some thought about what it may eventually look like and how it will take shape.

Without an actual rendering of a new Bills stadium perhaps the closest suggestion for the interior may be from sports management consultant Marc Ganis. He refers to the Tottenham Hotspur soccer stadium in London designed by the Populous Stadium Design and Architectural firm of Kansas City. Their staff has handled many NFL stadium projects and for the Bills they specifically worked on their past stadium renovations and the Ad-Pro Fieldhouse. 

Whatever they come up with we know it will be with fewer fans. They're also getting away from the old big bowl stadium look of the past like the current 1973 era stadium.

"The square footage of the building - meaning all the levels and the concourses will be meaningfully larger even though the stadium will have fewer seats at capacity, "Ganis says.

Then for that so-called game-day fan experience, Ganis says, "It is gonna have so many more amenities. Concessions, bathrooms, lighting, sound systems. It's gonna be a much better place to watch a game."

New stadiums now are also known for having more dramatic lighting, scoreboards, and video screens.

And then around the stadium complex as we've touched on, there will perhaps be more of an overall full-time experience. That's something that has happened with stadiums in two other suburban locations by the way like Orchard Park. John Cimpeman is the founder of Barnstorm Sports and Entertainment. He has worked on projects in Cleveland, for the Green Bay Packers and other cities and franchises.  

Cimperman notes, "I know that a suburban stadium may be more difficult for people to grasp the potential. But if you look at Foxborough - home to Gillette Stadium. If you look even to Green Bay - there's some really great spinoff development when  it comes to retail, when it comes to office space, and even some residential."

He adds, "I'm hopeful that the long term commitment from the Bills will help generate some additional development around the stadium and make it a destination. That's my hope." 


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