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Six hit-and-run crashes in Niagara Falls

Investigators have had some help both from witnesses and evidence left at multiple crash scenes.

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. - There have been six hit and run crashes in just a few hours in Niagara Falls. Police say they've been busy piecing together all the crashes which have occurred in the city's midtown and have involved multiple drivers.

Police say those crashes happened Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Investigators have had some help both from witnesses and evidence left at multiple crash scenes.

The six hit and runs, did not result in any injuries and occurred in the city's midtown section and near Pine Avenue. Unoccupied cars were hit on Cleveland Ave. 8th Street, D Street in the case of a crash in the 500 block of 26th Street, police say a homeowner heard the crash, gave a description a vehicle that fled the scene and police say they found a trail of fluid for half a mile and found that the same car crashed into Aaron's Rental on Pine Avenue. An arrest in this crash is pending.

"This situation is unique because we had six hit and run accidents in possibly three hours, time is of the essence because people can hide their vehicles they can get the vehicles repaired," said Officer Christopher McKimmie of Niagara Falls Police.

The other crashes break down like this:

In the 1100 block and 1300 block of Cleveland Ave. two parked and unoccupied vehicles were hit. Possibly hit by two different vehicles or the same vehicle. Police are looking at video surveillance on these crashes.

On 8th Street a parked unoccupied car was stuck by a white pickup truck. A witness saw the vehicle.

As police were investigating the truck went by the scene. Police pursued the vehicle and an arrest is pending. A DWI arrest was also made.

And on D Street, a homeowner heard a loud crash. A vehicle drove through a fence and fled the scene. A piece of the vehicle was left behind and the investigation is continuing in looking at DMV records to find the driver.

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