BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy launched a #SaveDelawarePark campaign to try and stop the state department of transportation from moving forward with its plan for the 198.

The group put up new signs Friday calling on people to join the efforts to fight the state's plan.They've also started an online petition.

"The urgency with this campaign is that we think the DOT is moving towards making some decisions at the end of this year with what we think is a short-sighted project," said Brian Dold, director of planning and advocacy for the conservancy.

NYSDOT officials say their revised plan has seven new traffic signal intersections, a narrowed median and bike lanes which were put in after they reviewed public comments. The conservancy and its supporters argue that while the state's plan may fix traffic problems, it does nothing for urban planning.

"It just misses the opportunity. We're going to have to live with for another 75 years if we don't get it right," Dold said.

The conservancy wants more access for walkers, runners, and bikers. They also want to remove medians and restore the arch bridge over Delaware Avenue and make it for pedestrians and bikes only. Their plan calls for an at-grade intersection where Delaware Avenue meets the 198.

"It's an idea that we need to create a road that's appropriate for the park not continue that division of the landscape, continue those divisions of the community. If we look at this comprehensively, we think we can get to those transformational decisions," Dold said.